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Jacarandas in Pretoria in South Africa

It's not a mere coincidence that Pretoria is called Jacaranda City—during the blooming season, the city turns purple with 70,000 blooming trees

Best time: late September–mid-November

Jacarandas in Pretoria
Jacarandas in Pretoria
Jacarandas in Pretoria

Jacaranda is not native to South Africa. It was brought here from Brazil in the early 19th century and successfully integrated with the local flora. Pretoria in the Gauteng Province is especially prominent—in spring the magnetic purple bloom of 70,000 trees is seen all around the city.

Panoramic views of the city drowned in this purple sea are best taken in from Klapperkop Nature Reserve. At the foot of the northern slope, you'll also notice the row of white jacarandas—a sterile cultivar of the main species. Along Bosman and Cilliers Streets, you'll find the oldest jacarandas. The very first tree planted in Pretoria can be found on the corner of Eastwood and Stanza Bopape.

Locals love these purple trees. The students of Pretoria believe the tree can bring luck: if you study for an exam and blossoms fall onto your head, it means you'll successfully pass your exams. Another belief is that if you haven't started revising for the exam before the city turns purple, it's too late to begin.

The blooming season is from late September to mid-November, but mid-October is known as the prime time for blooms. During the season, the city also hosts the Pretoria Jacaranda Festival.

Practical info

When can tourists witness the blooming of jacaranda trees in Pretoria?

Tourists can witness the blooming of jacaranda trees in Pretoria from late September to mid-November. The best time to witness the blooms is mid-October, which coincides with the annual Pretoria Jacaranda Festival. The festival celebrates the blooming season, and visitors can revel in the beauty of the flowers, iconic buildings, and various activities around the city. Show more

What are the prime locations to view jacaranda trees in Pretoria?

Klapperkop Nature Reserve and Bosman and Cilliers Streets are prime locations to view jacaranda trees in Pretoria. These spots offer fantastic views of the city and the purple landscape, perfect for photography lovers. Additionally, Eastwood and Stanza Bopape street corners have been around since the early 19th century, harboring the first-ever jacaranda tree planted in Pretoria. Show more

What makes Pretoria stand out regarding jacarandas compared to other South African locations?

Pretoria stands out from other South African locations because of its unique title as the Jacaranda City. The sheer number of jacaranda trees numbering around 70,000 in Pretoria creates an unforgettable mesmerizing sight of the city bathed in purple during the blooming period. The trees, originating from Brazil, have become integral to the city's identity and attract tourists worldwide to experience the picturesque scenery. Show more

What is the history behind jacaranda trees in Pretoria?

Jacaranda trees were introduced to South Africa by Brazilian immigrants during the early 19th century. Pretoria served as a perfect destination for the trees, with its favorable climate and soil. The trees thrived and have now become iconic and a symbol of the city, with over 70,000 trees blooming every year. Tourists flock the city during the blooming season to witness the fantastic sight of purple landscapes and historic sites. Show more

Do local beliefs or myths surround jacaranda trees in Pretoria?

Among the students of Pretoria, it is believed that jacaranda trees bring luck in exams. If a falling bloom lands on your head while studying, a successful exam awaits. However, there is a belief that if you have not started studying before the blooming period, it is impossible to pass. The jacaranda tree's significance in the city makes it subject to various myths and legends that continue to intrigue both locals and visitors. Show more

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