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Cherry Blossoms in Michigan

Capture the beauty of cherry blossoms in Michigan

Best time: mid-May

Cherry Blossoms in Michigan

One of the multiple reasons people adore spring is the cherry blossoms that decorate the trees in the best possible way. In this article, we’ve put together the best spots to see the cherry blossom in Michigan. So, keep on reading, pack your bags, and head out to find the beauty mother nature has prepared for you. The best time to visit Michigan to enjoy cherry blossoms is in mid-May.

Cherry blossoms in Traverse City

One of the most popular (and the most beautiful) places to enjoy cherry blossoms in Michigan is Traverse City, Old Mission Peninsula. To get there, Traverse City tourism officials recommend two different ways. You can drive M-37, a state highway that stretches the length of the peninsula, for views of Grand Traverse Bay and vineyards, where cherry trees are located.

Also, you can opt for the Leelanau Trail in Leelanau County, a recreational, farm-and-field-focused path with many orchards. Amazing flowers are at Houdek Dunes Natural Area, near Blustone Vineyards and Aurora Cellars.

Other places to witness cherry blossoms in Michigan

Another wonderful path is a 14-mile route along Elk Lake with the start and endpoints in Elk Rapids. To get the most out of your orchard-viewing, don’t miss any of the backroad twists and turns. Barnes Park is one more place worth visiting. See it all by following the route heading north and east for stops at the Forest Home Township Family Park. Oh, and don’t miss King Orchards—Northern Michigan U-Pick Orchard, where you can enjoy amazing cherry blossom views.

If you are looking for a place to stay in Michigan while visiting cherry blooms, feel free to use our map below. It suggests the best and the most affordable accommodation nearby.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Michigan for cherry blossoms?

Michigan provides cherry blossom spectacles from mid-May. At this time of year, cherry trees are in full bloom. A great spot to explore cherry blossoms is the Leelanau Trail in Leelanau County. It is an excellent place to experience rural countryside and unspoiled natural areas as visitors take in beautiful orchards and flowers. Show more

Where can I see cherry blossom trees in Traverse City and Leelanau County?

Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City is the perfect spot to view cherry blossoms with stunning views of Grand Traverse Bay and vineyards. M-37, a state highway that stretches the length of the peninsula also has splendid stretch of cherry trees. The Leelanau Trail in Leelanau County is yet another place to witness cherry blossoms while taking in the beauty of nature. Visitors can explore breathtaking orchards and flowers at sites like Houdek Dunes Natural Area, near Blustone Vineyards, and Aurora Cellars. Show more

What is the Leelanau Trail in Leelanau County?

Leelanau Trail traverses Leelanau County and is a great recreational trail for visitors to experience amazing natural scenes, orchards, and beauty of cherry blossoms. The rural countryside and untouched natural settings are breathtaking. Visitors can enjoy several historical landmarks and spots along the trail. A visit to breathtaking sites like Houdek Dunes Natural Area, near Blustone Vineyards, or Aurora Cellars is ideal for those who love nature and orchards. Show more

When should I visit ELK Rapids to see cherry blossoms?

Mid-May is the perfect time to visit ELK Rapids to view cherry blossoms. Visitors can start from Elk Rapids, enjoy the 14-mile route along Elk Lake's backroad twists and turns, and take in orchard views. Along the route, Barnes Park, Forest Home Township Family Park, and King Orchards - Northern Michigan U-Pick Orchard are great stopovers to enjoy cherry blossoms. At Barnes Park, visitors can also enjoy picturesque hiking and birding trails or explore the endless farmhouse-produce varieties. Show more

What are some other attractions near Barnes Park?

Besides Barnes Park, visitors can explore other attractions like the Forest Home Township Family Park and King Orchards - Northern Michigan U-Pick Orchard. These sites offer stunning cherry blossom views, and visitors can pick various cherry varieties. The Forest Home Township Family Park is a great place to enjoy scenic hiking and birding trails. Visitors can also interact with the indoor exhibits, try out the amazing snowshoeing activities, or take cooking classes with different fruits, berries, and farmhouse produce. Show more

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