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Pumpkin Season in Australia 2024

Pumpkin seeds were brought to Australia on the First Fleet back in 1788

Best time: March–August

Pumpkin Season
Pumpkin Season
Pumpkin Season

In Australia, autumn means that it is time to buy a pumpkin and cook a warming soup, a delicious open pie, porridge, or risotto. There are a lot of species of pumpkins in the country, and some have quite an exotic look. Similarly,just as equally diverse are the ways of preparing them: these are eaten raw, baked, added to pilaf and stew, stuffed with rice, vegetables, fruits, nuts, minced meat, stewed with lentils, cooked with jam, and boiled in soup (which can be served in a "pot" of pumpkin peel). The most delicious is the muscat and emerald pumpkin. Buy brightly colored pumpkins, without cuts, stains, and dents. Keep in mind that small ones have a more intense sweet taste. The optimum weight for a good pumpkin is 2-4 kg.

Pumpkins are usually sold in autumn and winter (March to August), but you can still find them on sale in spring.

On the eve of Halloween, thousands of bright pumpkins are turned into demonic vessels, which symbolize the lantern of Jack, a sinner and eternal wanderer who deceived the devil himself and was punished for it.