Best season to travel to Finland

New Potato Obsession

Come and enjoy this tasty and simple food that gives so much happiness to the locals


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The beginning of the summer season in Finland is associated with the arrival of new potato season. It usually occurs early in June and lasts till July.

New Potato Obsession in Finland - Best Season 2020

Most Finns just love to spend long sunny days in their summer cottages grilling sausages and enjoy fresh potatoes. Being harvested very early, new potatoes are small and considered to be a sweet delicacy. Its skin is so thin that sometimes it doesn't need to be peeled.

Best time for New Potato Obsession in Finland 2020

As soon as they appear in grocery stores and markets, everybody wants to buy some. There's nothing more simple and tasty! Boiled new potatoes with pickled herring and lots of salt are typically served with butter and fresh green dill.