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Best season to travel to Peru


Try not to miss the season of avocado in Peru, and try some signature dishes too!


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Fresh and soft avocado is a rare fruit in supermarkets, so when you have the chance be sure not to miss it! Avocados are not only tasty, they are incredibly useful for your health and serve as an irreplaceable ingredient in many dishes.

Peru is a major producer of avocados both for local and international markets. There are two kinds grown on the central coast of the country—Fuerte and Hass. The first is collected between January and March, the second—between March and June. One may say that avocado isn't a key component in Peruvian food, but if you ask Peruvians whether tacu-tacu or Lima Causa can be cooked without fresh avocado they will most likely say that it is impossible.

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