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The 'Big Dill' Pickle Festival 2023

Save the date for the world's biggest and most exciting pickle party!

The 'Big Dill' Pickle Festival
Dill pickles

The delicious 'Big Dill' Pickle Festival in Baltimore celebrates all things pickles! Pickle lovers from around the world travel to this annual festival to indulge in a range of brined treats. Have no doubt, the goods presented at this veggie extravaganza can sate even the most discerning appetite. Now, let's delve into the details!

The event takes place in the center of Baltimore at Power Plant Live!–a popular local party hub. Once you enter the venue, you'll spot a lush variety of pickled goods by Maryland's finest vendors, offering everything from traditional dill pickles to inventive delicacies incorporating pickles. Beyond the brined cucumbers, festival-goers can indulge in a wide range of thematic entertainment options, such as pickle eating, tasting contests, and pickling lessons. The organizers have also taken care of the music aspect, inviting awesome musicians for a one-off live concert. Tickets are already on sale, so be sure to visit the event's official website for price information and other crucial details. Plus, don't hesitate to book your housing in Baltimore beforehand–the city gets super busy during festival dates.

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