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Graves Mountain Apple Festival 2023

Embrace fall splendor at this much-anticipated event

Dates: October 6–7, 13-14 & 20-21, 2023

Graves Mountain Apple Festival
Graves Mountain Apple Festival
Graves Mountain Apple Festival
Apples at Graves Mountain

The Graves Mountain Apple Festival, a cherished annual event, is ready to welcome you this October. Held in the first three weekends of the month in the beautiful countryside of Virginia and nestled within the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains, this beautiful celebration honors the beauty of the season and the apple cultivation culture. So, let's dive into the details!


The Apple Festival takes place at Graves Mountain Farm & Lodges, tucked away in the cozy village of Syria, Virginia. This yearly celebration falls at the height of the apple harvest, guaranteeing a plentiful supply of the freshest and juiciest apples. The picturesque setting of the festival creates ideal conditions for an engaging in all sorts of activities and having an authentic fall experience.

What to expect

The apple itself is, without a doubt, the headliner of the Graves Mountain Apple Festival. At the fest, you'll encounter a lush draw of apple sorts, from sweet and succulent Honeycrisps to tart and acidic Granny Smiths. Apples can be picked directly from the trees, which allows visitors to connect with nature and the harvest season firsthand. The festival's menu is a real gold mine of apple-themed delicacies. Enjoy mouthwatering apple cider donuts and sticky caramel-dipped apples that will leave you craving more.


The Graves Mountain Apple Festival also offers various activities for guests of all ages. Wander among the quaint craft stands showing the creations of local artists, listen to classic bluegrass music, and let your little ones take delightful hayrides through the lovely countryside or have their faces painted.

Practical info

The festival's organizers set reasonable admission prices, and plenty of parking makes for a hassle-free visit. Check the official festival website for the most up-to-date info on ticketing and additional tips before making your travel arrangements. Plus, don't forget to book your accommodation in the area beforehand. Have fun!

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