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Whale Watching in Virginia Beach

The favourite winter entertainment for nature lovers


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Winter in Virginia Beach is too cold for people to enjoy the ocean waves, but it perfectly suits the whales that migrate from icy waters in Canada to the south. Usually, humpback and fin whales stop for a short break in Virginia Beach’s Chesapeake Bay on their way to other states. The first whales start to appear off Virginia's coast as early as December, and they head back north in late March. But every year is different because whales migrate based on temperatures, not on the calendar. So as cold temperatures descend on Virginia Beach, it's time to go on a whale-watching expedition!

Whales can be seen just off the shores, like near of Cape Henry, as well as about 40 km (25 mi) into the ocean. Before booking a whale watching excursion, you can call Virginia Aquarium and ask if whales have been spotted yet. Virginia Beach offers several whale-watching cruises. For example, Rudee’s Winter Wildlife Whale-Watching Cruise provides an educational tour to spot whales, dolphins, seals, turtles, and sea birds. Although seeing a whale is not guaranteed, most people are satisfied with the trip.

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