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Best time to travel to Rarotonga & Cook Islands

Whale Watching

These amazing ocean giants come really close to the shore to play near the reefs. That's the Cook Islands' whale watching magic!

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Whale watching is something remember for the rest of your life. And the best thing about whale watching on the Cook Islands is that you can watch these majestic creatures anywhere, no matter which island you are on. During the migration season, from July to October, they travel through the Cook Islands to the warmer waters of the South Pacific to mate, rest, and give birth to their calves. Humpback whales get so close that there is even a chance to see them from the shore.

Some of the best places to watch whales on Rarotonga island are the area called Black Rock and the South Eastern side of the island and the North coast. Other places where you can easily meet these amazing giants are the islands to the south such as Mitiaro, Mauke, Mangaia, and the limestone cliffs of Atiu Island. The territorial waters of the Cook Islands are a real whale sanctuary. You can watch humpback whales playing, flipping, and jumping. Those who want not only to watch but also to find out something new about whales should visit the Whale Education Centre in Avarua. Here you will discover an amazing world of whales and dolphins. Lectures, presentations, videos, visual displays, photographs, and educational activities provide you with new knowledge and awareness about these majestic animals.

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