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Flamboyant or Flame Tree

These magnificent trees create fantastic landscapes


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Flamboyant, also called a Flame Tree, is a beautiful tree that can be found on the Cook Islands. It usually grows to the height of 5 metres, but sometimes it can reach even 12 or 15 metres. The flame tree has wide-spreading leaves that create perfect shade on a hot day. Its leaves look like feathers and are about 30 to 50 cm long.

Its gorgeous blooming can be observed mainly during the midsummer period. These flame-colored flowers are between 8 and 15 cm in diameter and create an amazing view. The bright colours of the flamboyant and its big size create unforgettable picturesque landscapes throughout the islands.Flamboyants are on the list of the top five most beautiful flowering trees in the world. The main season for observing the beauty of the blooming flame tree runs from November till February.

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