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Gray Whales near Everett

Go on a wildlife-packed cruise just 30 minutes from Seattle

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The waters surrounding the city of Seattle teem with marine life throughout the year. Each season has its special offers, and Gray Whales of Puget Sound are what spring has prepared for you. During the season 20,000 gentle giants migrate along the west coast. On their way home to Alaska, they make a lasting stop to feed in the area. For this occasion, specially designed tours run from Everett from late February to late May. The city is just minutes away from their rich feeding grounds, which allows more time to enjoy the encounter of a lifetime. It's also only 30 minutes from Seattle. The probability of sighting is 99.5%. This is considered to be the best of the many whale watching opportunities in the state.

The cruise boat will take you to the calm waters of Port Gardner Bay, Possession Sound, and Saratoga Passage. With Gray whales being the highlight of the trip, watch out for orcas, minke, and humpback whales which are observed all year round. Along with whales, you'll be able to view other inhabitants of the area, such as harbor seals, sea lions, porpoise, osprey, eagles, and seabirds.

Usually, the tours run in the morning and afternoon. The morning visitors benefit from being the first on the water and having the afternoon for themselves, while later visitors don't have to wake up early and can end their day in a nice company of whales.

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