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Dolphin and Whale Watching in Taiwan 2024

Dolphin and whale watching is a great water activity in Taiwan with the best place for it being on the east coast

Best time: April–November

Dolphin and Whale Watching
Dolphin and Whale Watching
Dolphin and Whale Watching

The best time for whale-watching in Taiwan is between April and November when the waves are calmer and whales more plentiful. The popular places for whale-watching tours in Taiwan include Xingang and Fugang ports of Taitung, Hualien Harbor, and Wushih Port of Yilan.

The waters of the East Coast of Taiwan are full of migratory fish which make a perfect food for whales and dolphins. However, meeting those ocean residents depends as much on luck as on conditions. Dolphins are more predictable, boating companies often set sail at 3 a.m. in the morning to check the areas where dolphins often congregate. Whales are very hard to predict. So you have to be ready for just dolphin watching and hope you get lucky enough to see some whales!

Practical info

When is the best time to go dolphin and whale watching in Taiwan?

Taiwan's dolphin and whale watching season occurs between April and November, coinciding with calmer waves and optimal whale visibility. This time of year is ideal because migratory fish, a source of food for whales and dolphins, thrive in the East coast waters. Show more

Where are the popular places for whale-watching tours in Taiwan?

Taitung's Xingang and Fugang ports, Hualien Harbor, and Yilan's Wushih Port are popular locations for whale-watching tours in Taiwan. You can rely on tour agencies and hotel concierge services to arrange comfortable, stress-free tours. Show more

What type of whales can be seen during the whale-watching season in Taiwan?

Humpback and blue whale species inhabit the waters around Taiwan's east coast during the whale-watching season, while dolphins can be frequently spotted. The chance of seeing dolphins or whales, however, depends on several variables, including weather, oceanic conditions, and a bit of luck. Show more

How long do the dolphin and whale watching tours last?

Two to four hours is the average duration of dolphin and whale watching tours in Taiwan, though actual tour times may depend upon the departure port and preferred route. Plan to spend more time if you plan to explore a larger section of the waters. Show more

Are there any regulations in place to protect the whales and dolphins during the tours?

To prevent disruption to the whales and dolphins' natural habitat, the Taiwanese government has implemented strict guidelines which tour operators must comply with. These guidelines specify how close the boats can approach the animals, how much noise they can make, and whether or not they can feed them. Choose a reputable whale watching company that follows these guidelines to be a responsible tourist. Show more

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