Best time to travel to Cambodia

Mekong River Dolphin

Watch one of the rarest do​lphin species

Mekong River Dolphin in Cambodia 2020 - Best Time

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The largest population of Irrawaddy dolphins, which are already extremely endangered, can be found in Mekong River running through Cambodia. They are considered as a very rare type of freshwater dolphin, so don’t miss a chance to see them in a natural habitat.

The best time suggested for this trip is from December to May, during the dry season in the country. During the rainy season, ​the water level rises considerably and the water tends to be dark due to mud.

Mekong River Dolphin in Cambodia - Best Season 2020

One of the recommended places to watch the Irrawaddy dolphins is Kampi village, located around 20 kilometres north of Kratie.