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Royal Ploughing Day 2023

Take part in the nationwide future forecast on harvest, weather, and epidemics during the Royal Ploughing Ceremony


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Royal Ploughing day, also known as Pithi Chrat Preah Neanng Korl in Khmer, marks the beginning of the raining season in Cambodia. It's used to predict the ​weather, epidemics and farming conditions for the upcoming year. Cambodians believe that royal oxen have special powers to determine the fate of the agricultural harvest. A royal oxen is given 7 typ​es of food, and depending on the animal's choice the fate of the season is being predicted. This event is traditionally accompanied by jubilant celebrations and other activities. It is an exciting show visited by farmers from all over Cambodia who bring their best products to the agricultural exhibition. Visitors attending it wear traditional Khmer costumes. The Ceremony is usually held in the park next to the Royal Palace and the National Museum in Phnom Penh.

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