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Western Farm Show 2023

The best event for dairy farmers and cattle ranchers in Kansas City


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Kansas City Western Farm Show, the most well-known indoor farm show of the Midwest, takes place every February at the American Royal Complex in Kansas City, Missouri. It showcases over 500 exhibitors, the latest in agriculture technology and lots of entertainment. Thousands of visitors can shop for the newest farm supplies, seed, feed, tools, chemicals, irrigation systems, and machinery. Family Living Center features crafts, cooking, arts, and design supplies. Health and Safety Roundup Area can help farmers run some medical tests, do tetanus shots, and health screenings.

Since 1960, Western Farm Show has been organized by Western Equipment Dealers Association that represents over 2,000 farms. It now covers 400,000 square feet of exhibit space.

One of the highlights of the show is The Stockmanship and Stewardship Low-Stress Livestock Handling Demonstration that focuses on improving the well-being of beef and dairy cattle through humane care. Another highlight is cooking shows by the Culinary Center of Kansas City.

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