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Festival de la Novilla 2023

The agricultural event has become a massive fiesta celebrating country lifestyle


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This vibrant cow parade is a one-of-a-kind event in Puerto Rico. Festival de la Novilla is held on the third weekend of January in the town of San Sebastian, located on the western coast of the island. Novilla means a heifer or a young cow, and the festival celebrates the agricultural heritage of Puerto Rico.

In addition to the heifer parade held in downtown San Sebastian, La Novilla features live music, an amusement park, salsa dancing, food stalls, and an artisan market. All of the main events take place at the central square of the town.

The main highlight of the festivities is the parade held on Sunday. Cows are lavishly adorned for the parade with flower garlands, ribbons, and colorful decorations. The festive procession includes floats, musicians, and thousands of people.

San Sebastian is also famous for its beautiful outdoors and hammocks, which can serve as a perfect souvenir from the city. San Sebastian even has a hammock museum, El Museo de la Hamaca, dedicated to Puerto Rican hammock-making.

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