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Oregon Ag Fest 2023

A family-friendly agricultural festival in Salem, Oregon

Oregon Ag Fest is an annual two-day fun festival that takes place every April at the Oregon State Fairgrounds in Salem (about a 45-minute drive south of Portland). It features many hands-on activities and learning experiences for the whole family. The festival is dedicated to Oregon's agricultural industry and attracts about 21,000 people.

Oregon Ag Fest grants kids under 12 free admission, and most festival's activities and exhibits are also free. Adult admission for visitors aged 13 and up is only $9. Children can ride ponies, try their hand in planting seedlings, see how sheep get sheared, pet farm animals, and learn how food is being produced from a farm to a table or how the fabric is being made from a sheep to clothes.

The festival was founded in the late 1980s to showcase Oregon's agriculture, the largest industry in the state, and to educate the community about its impact on various spheres. Attendees can not only experience but also taste the incredible world of Oregon agriculture. There are multiple food vendors offering delicious foods and snacks.

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