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Dia de la Trilla 2023

An authentic agricultural fiesta with horse racing, enormous bulls, and lots of fun traditions


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A fascinating agricultural fiesta, called Dia de la Trilla, is celebrated at the end of July on the hilltops of Tenerife. Life here is quite different from Tenerife's popular resorts. Part of it can be observed during this annual traditional event. The heat of the summer sun is especially unbearable on the hills, thus a hat is a must for anyone wanting to enjoy this fiesta. The traditions, which are a part of this fiesta, are fun and exciting. First, some male elders fill the area with wheat using pitchforks. When the wheat is waist-high, the horse races begin. After the races, when the wheat is thrown all over, the real fun for the local children starts. Two pairs of huge oxen, which are hooked up to a wooden board, pull the kids on the board through that wheat. For everyone else who come to watch this spectacular event, there are lots of stalls selling handicrafts, bread​, jams, cheese, beer, and the very important straw hats.

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