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The favorite fish delicacy of the Arecibo region


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Ceti or whitebait is a tiny immature transparent fish that lives in the Río Grande de Arecibo. During the annual migration from July through December, ceti becomes abundant in the Arecibo area and is widely used in local cuisine. This tiny transparent fish is just about an inch long, and it's the most delicious when deep-fried and eaten whole.

The Arecibo region is also famous for its pasteles filled with cetí. Usually, Puerto Rican pasteles are cooked with meat, however, they taste even better with fish. The recipe includes ceti, squash, yuca, yautía, and coconut milk. Pasteles are always wrapped in banana leaf and grilled. It's one of the delicacies served during the Christmas holidays. Ceti is also used in mofongo, alcapurrias, empanadas and other Puerto Rican dishes.

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