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Dolphins Watching in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka can boast having the best spots for watching dolphins!

Best time: November–April

Dolphins Watching
Dolphins Watching

Head to Kalpitiya in order to get the best glimpse of these sociable creatures! Here you can observe massive numbers of dolphins, sometimes even hundreds at once. Watch them swimming along your boat, playing and leaping out of the water.

Spinner dolphins are commonly spottedin the area close to the Kalpitiya peninsula, which is called the Dolphin Line. The best time to go on a dolphin-watching tour is dry season from November through April.

Practical info

When is the best time of the year to go dolphin watching in Sri Lanka?

The ideal period for dolphin watching in Sri Lanka is between November and April, as it is the dry season and offers calmer ocean waters with excellent visibility. The conditions during these months are perfect for an uninterrupted dolphin viewing experience. Show more

Where is Kalpitiya located, and why is it the best spot to witness dolphins?

Kalpitiya, situated in the Puttalam district of Sri Lanka's North Western Province, is the leading place to watch dolphins in their natural habitat. It is adjacent to a large peninsula and 300 km long marine sanctuary, which is crucial for the spinner dolphin's breeding site. Kalpitiya is geographically unique as it is where the warm Indian Ocean and cooler Arabian Sea converge, resulting in the ideal conditions for dolphins. Thousands of fish and plankton gather making it an attraction for dolphins. Show more

How many dolphins can you typically witness in Kalpitiya?

While seeing dolphins can never be guaranteed, Kalpitiya is known to have a significant concentration of dolphins. In the right season, up to 1000 dolphins can be seen on any given day. Although the massive group of dolphins is uncommon, a typical dolphin-watching tour that lasts for about 2-3 hours is likely to see about ten to several hundred dolphins. Due to the sizable presence of dolphins, this location is exceptional, making it one of the world's top dolphin watching places. Show more

Are there any other species of dolphins besides spinner dolphins that can be seen in Kalpitiya?

Apart from spinner dolphins, Kalpitiya also has bottlenose dolphins, striped dolphins, and Risso's dolphins. Although spinner dolphins are the most frequently seen species, the other species do frequent these ocean waters. Bottlenose dolphins often travel in smaller pods, whereas striped and Risso's dolphins are uncommon sights in the area. Show more

What is the length of the dolphin-watching tours that are available in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka?

Typically, dolphin watching tours in Kalpitiya extend up to 3 hours and involve a tour of the ocean on small boats or catamarans to see the magnificent dolphins. There are various options provided by different companies to select guided tours along with several assistance offers like meals, transport, and an experienced tour guide who will help guests gain information about the dolphins' behavior. Visitors should be aware that there can be changes to the itinerary based on weather conditions. The dolphin watching tours may cost approximately $20-$35 per person and can vary depending on group size. Show more

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