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Dolphin & Whale Watching in Wales

Pembrokeshire, or the Celtic Deep, is the favourite feeding ground for sea mammals in Wales

Dolphin & Whale Watching in Wales in Wales 2020 - Best Time
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Southwestern province of Pembrokeshire is rich with marine life in its coastal waters—the perfect feeding and breeding grounds for many species. It boasts regular sightings of common, bottlenose and Risso’s dolphins as well as minke, sei, fin, orca whales, and sharks. The best months for watching whales is from May through September, with June being the most popular month. Pembrokeshire ecosystem was declared the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Dolphin & Whale Watching in Wales in Wales - Best Season 2020

Over 100 resident bottlenose dolphins live permanently in Cardigan Bay, near the North Pembrokeshire coast. Porpoises are seen off the coast between Poppit and Strumble. Dolphins are frequently seen between Poppit and Fishguard or in Fishguard Harbour and Newport Bay. In the summer months, hundreds of migrating dolphins join the resident population here. Many operators offer whale and dolphin watching tours in Cardigan Bay. Most tours depart from St. Davids and some from Neyland. While dolphin sighting is guaranteed, spotting a minke whale, sei whale, blue whale, fin whale, orca, or a basking shark is a matter of luck.

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Minke whale

Dolphin Survey Boat Trips offer cruises from New Quay. A 2-hour trip is accompanied by researchers from the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre as they conduct research on dolphins and record their conversations. Sometimes pods of 500 dolphins can be seen!