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Atlantic Grey Seal Pups

Watch little white fluffy seal pups on the beaches of the Welsh coastline


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Atlantic Grey seals are the favourite mammals of the Welsh. You can see them in the coastal waters of the country. They live on and around the beautiful sanctuary islands of Skomer, Skokholm, Ramsey, and Caldey in West Wales. But the largest resident colony is located on the headland at Porthdinllaen in North Wales.

Atlantic Grey Seal Pups in Wales - Best Season 2020

During their breeding season from August to December, you can see cute small creatures with a dense, soft, silky white fur along the beach or on rock shelves basking in the autumn sun, and hear their wailing "songs" in tune. During this time, they are fed with their mother's milk and then move off to the sea in search of fish. The adult animals are also amusing when swimming in the sea, protruding their heads on the surface of the water.

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