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Orcas around Valdes Peninsula in Argentina

A hungry orca would come to up to the shore to catch a naive sea lion for lunch

Orcas around Valdes Peninsula

Valdes Peninsula is one of the best places in the world to observe marine life. It is famous for whales and other marine mammals, such as the southern elephant seals and eared seals. One of the most attractive of all local residents are orcas or 'killer whales.' Due to photos and videos of orcas hunting sea lions, they have a reputation of vicious predators.

Orcas reside around Valdes Peninsula throughout the year but there are certain seasons and places when you have better chances of seeing them close to the shore—when the sea lions are there. Between September and December, you can spot the orcas' attacks at Caleta Valdes and Punta Delgada. Between February and April, they hunt at Punta Norte.

Another all year round orca spotting site is Punta Ninfas located south of Valdes Peninsula. This one is more peaceful—they just love swimming around in small groups.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Valdes Peninsula for orca watching?

Between September and December in Caleta Valdes and Punta Delgada orcas can be observed best. Whereas, during February and April, Punta Norte can yield a better opportunity of seeing these creatures. For those interested in observing orcas swimming peacefully, Punta Ninfas is the ideal location throughout the year. Show more

Where can I observe orcas hunting sea lions in Valdes Peninsula?

To see orcas hunting sea lions or looking for them on the shore, Caleta Valdes and Punta Delgada should be visited from September to December. During February to April, Punta Norte would be the appropriate location to observe such scenes. These designated viewing points offer a secure and pleasant view of this awe-inspiring moment. Show more

What other marine animals can I see in Valdes Peninsula?

Apart from orcas, there are various other marine animals in Valdes Peninsula. Various kinds of dolphins and southern elephant seals can be found there. Regions of the peninsula have huge colonies of Magellanic penguins, while diverse seabirds such as cormorants, rhea, and guanacos can also be observed. Show more

How often do the orcas hunt at Punta Norte during the peak season?

The peak season in the Valdes Peninsula to observe predation by orcas at Punta Norte is February to April. These orcas are known for their predation method in which they come close to catch sea lions at the shore. Due to their erratic hunting patterns, it is impossible to predict how many attempts orcas will take each time. Show more

Are there any restrictions or precautions when observing orcas in Valdes Peninsula?

To ensure a safe and ethical observation of orcas, specific areas are designated within the parks. There should be no interaction with sea lions or any other prey of orcas. Also, it is important not to make any sudden movements or loud noises, and drones or any other devices that may disturb the creatures should not be used. Show more

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