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Polar Bear in Norway

If not for polar bears, many arctic wildlife species could not survive

Best time: July–August

Polar Bear
Polar Bear
Polar Bear

Did you know that polar bears have black skin under that cute white fur? White color helps them to blend with the snowy environment and creep up on their prey and also fends off the sun. The Polar Bears' overall population numbers between 20,000 and 25,000. They are the largest and the most carnivorous in the bear family and feed mainly on seal fat, leaving the remains as food for the other arctic animals.

Tours to the island of Svalbard, where one can observe polar bears in their natural habitat, are oragised from July to August, as it is the warmest season and the cubs born in spring have already grown up and their mothers bring them out of the dens.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Svalbard to see polar bears?

The most ideal time to see polar bears in Svalbard, Norway, is during the warmest months of July and August. At this time, mother bears leave their dens with their fully grown cubs. You can watch these magnificent animals in their natural habitat on organized tours available during this time. Show more

Where can I go to observe polar bears in Norway?

Svalbard is one of the most excellent spots worldwide for observing polar bears. The archipelago situated in the Arctic Ocean offers wildlife lovers the chance to experience observing these brilliantly fascinating creatures in their natural surroundings. Organized tours are accessible and provide a safe environment for tourists. Show more

How many polar bears are estimated to live in Norway?

Norway is home to around 3000 polar bears, with an estimated 3000 found in the Svalbard region alone. Sadly, this population number is continuously decreasing, and climate change is the most significant danger refusing the survival of polar bears. Rising temperatures cause Arctic sea ice to melt, which ultimately affects polar bears' natural habitat and food sources. Show more

What is the preferred diet of polar bears in Norway?

Polar bears typically feed on animals and are classified as carnivores. The animal they target most for seeking nutrition is the seal, mainly due to their high-fat content. The optimal diet of polar bears in Norway constitutes bearded and ringed seals, although they may occasionally prey upon smaller mammals, fish, and birds too. Show more

Can we see polar bear cubs during a July-August visit to Svalbard?

Absolutely, you can see polar bear cubs on organized tours in July and August while visiting Svalbard. Cub bears born in spring will grow up with their parents and venture out of their dens at this time. However, it's essential to maintain a safe distance while viewing these adorable cubs to ensure visitors remain free from danger. Show more

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