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Whale Watching

A tour of whale watching is fantastic because you can both enjoy sailing and see the whales in their natural habitat


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From April to October, the city of Húsavík turns into heaven for whale lovers—the coastal area is so full of them. Whales are drawn by fish and so every self-respecting tourist is there to see the miracle. Get a boat and sail into this new exciting adventure.

Whale Watching in Iceland - Best Season 2020

Be grateful that you are still able to see these amazing animals in their natural habitat since they were endangered due to the active hunting that took place in the area for hundreds of years. Fortunately for both whales and tourists, the cruelty stopped and this great attraction emerged. In addition to this, if you are really excited about whales, visit Húsavík's whale museum. No doubt, it is one of the few whale capitals on Earth!

Best time for Whale Watching in Iceland 2020
Best time to see Whale Watching in Iceland 2020

Other whale-watching locations around Iceland include Akureyri, Hauganes, Ólafsvík, and Reykjavík.

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