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Orca (Killer) Whale Watching in Iceland

Never seen a majestic killer whale? Now is your high time to do it

Orca (Killer) Whale Watching
Orca (Killer) Whale Watching
Orca (Killer) Whale Watching

A unique experience and a show rare to be seen is the scene of killer whales coming to coastal waters to find some food. In the period from January to March they 'invade' waters around Snaefelsnes peninsula, bringing other colourful water life with them.

If you never had a chance to see these amazing and unique animals, you are about to visit Iceland at the right moment. To make it even more satisfying don't leave when it gets dark—you might see the famous and majestic Northern Lights!

Practical info

Where are killer whales commonly sighted in Iceland?

Visitors looking to observe killer whales in Iceland can head to the coastal waters surrounding the Snaefelsnes peninsula. Whale watching excursions from the nearby town of Grundarfjordur offer visitors the opportunity to see the majestic creatures and other marine life like humpback whales, white-beaked dolphins, and harbor porpoises. Show more

When is the optimal time for whale watching to spot killer whales in Iceland?

If you're looking to sight whales in Iceland, the best time to visit would be between January to March. Killer whales are known to frequent the coastal waters surrounding the Snaefelsnes peninsula in search of food during this time, providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a glimpse of these magnificent creatures. The weather might be harsh, but it's worth it for the breathtaking sights of Iceland's winter wonderland. Show more

What other kinds of marine life are present in the coastal waters around Snaefelsnes peninsula during the whale-watching season?

The Snaefelsnes peninsula in Iceland is not limited to killer whales for visitors who want to observe marine life. White-beaked dolphins, humpback whales, and harbor porpoises can be regularly seen in the area. The waters are also home to various seabirds, with puffins being a common sight. A visit to the island of Flatey, which boasts of many seabird colonies, can also be arranged by some tour operators. Show more

Can we see the Northern Lights when whale watching in Iceland?

You can watch the Northern Lights while whale watching in Iceland if you're lucky enough to witness them. Any sightings would depend on the time of visit, but September to April is the best time to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. It is also possible to combine whale watching with Northern Lights sightings, making for a unique experience that you're sure to never forget. Show more

What are the best ways to increase the possibility of seeing killer whales in Iceland?

To increase your chances of spotting killer whales during your visit to Iceland, make sure to book a whale watching tour with an experienced guide. Dress warmly and in layers, as the weather can be cold and windy. Also, be patient and come prepared for the weather conditions, as sightings are never guaranteed, and weather conditions can often be challenging. Show more

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