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Aubergine Season

Don't miss the chance to try fresh aubergines while in Italy


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Italian aubergines vary in size, colour and shape! In Italy, people usually use the word "melanzana" for aubergine. There are many different species of Italian aubergines, with the most common domesticated type being Solanum Melongena. Their length can reach 25cm and their skin can have very different shades of colour—from purple to lavender.

Despite the fact that the indigenous roots of aubergine come from Asia, trade routes brought the plant to Italy and spread the newcomer very quickly. In a short period of time, the Aubergine became an iconic Italian vegetable! There are many traditional Mediterranean dishes with aubergine as the highlight of the meal, such as Caponata, Melanzane parmigiana, Melanzane sott'olio, etc. Usually, you can find aubergines in the southern part of Italy and on the island of Sicilia.

Aubergine season is at its peak in summer, from May until September.

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