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Baby Sea Lions

August–December • nature

The Galapagos Islands are one the most famous places to observe baby sea lions

Snorekelling with Sea Lions Pups

November • activity

November on the Galapagos is a perfect period for snorkeling with baby sea lions

Whale Sharks

June –November • nature

June through November is a perfect time to see the unbelievable whale sharks on the Galapagos Islands

Best Diving Experience

June–November • activity

The Galapagos Islands offer you unforgettable diving experience both during wet and dry seasons

Lobsters Season

September–December • food

The Galapagos Islands is one of the best places on Earth for seafood epicures

Waved Albatross

April–November  • nature

The Española island is a fascinating and intriguing place for meeting the waved albatrosses

Flightless Cormorant

July–October  • nature

Fernandina and Isabela are exclusive islands of the Galapagos where you can explore fascinating flightless cormorants


Blue-Footed Booby Performing its Mating Dance

March–April • nature

North Seymour island is one of the rare places where you can enjoy watching the blue-footed boobies

Hammerheads and Manta Season

December–May • nature

The Galapagos Islands warm season is a perfect time to see the hammerheads and mantas

Green Turtles

December–March • nature

The Galapagos is the place where you can easily meet fantastic green turtles

Swimming and Snorkelling Season

December–April • activity

One of the most fascinating places for snorkeling welcomes you with spectacular underwater life in a natural setting, perfect visibility and comfortable temperature conditions

Galapagos Flamingos Courtship Dances

July–August  • nature

Experience the wonderful Galapagos flamingos dance during July-August period

Marine Iguanas

December–April  • nature

The Galapagos Islands offer the possibility to observe one of the most beautiful reptiles in the world—marine iguanas who become more colourful in the breeding season


March–April • nature

Genovesa and Cristobal are two magnificent islands where you can meet the extravagant frigate birds

Galapagos Penguins

May–September • nature

The Bartolomé island is a unique place to meet and even swim with the Galapagos penguins

Red Rock Crab

December–April  • nature

Sally Lightfoot crabs known for their apparent ability to ‘walk on water’, and springtime sees hundreds of them scuttling along the seashore

Humpback Whales

June–September • nature

The marvelous humpback whale species migration can be observed on the Galapagos from June through September

Best Chance of Spotting Elusive Owls

June–July  • nature

Genovesa island is an awesome place to meet the elusive owls