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Southern Lights

Southern parts of Australia are lucky to witness the glowing aurora australis

Southern Lights in Australia 2020 - Best Time

The equivalent of aurora borealis in the southern hemisphere is southern lights or aurora australis. Beautiful shades of green, purple and blue illuminating the night sky can be enjoyed all year round but the best time is winter from May through September.

Milky Way and possibly the glow of aurora australis in Connewarre 2020
Milky Way and possibly the glow of aurora australis in Connewarre
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The southern island of Tasmania is the best place to see the southern lights, especially during equinoxes in March and September. Mount Wellington, not far from Tasmania’s capital city of Hobart is among the most popular posts for aurora australis chasers.

Aurora australis over Hobart, Tasmania 2020
Aurora australis over Hobart, Tasmania
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Gordon, Australia 2020
Gordon, Australia
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On mainland Australia, the best destination to observe southern lights is the state of Victoria, in the south-east part of the continent. Victoria's 1,200-mile ocean coast provides plenty of beautiful spots to watch nature's show. Choose one of the idyllic seaside towns like Apollo Bay along the Great Ocean Road, within a few-hour drive from Melbourne. Aurora australis over the Bass Strait, separating Australia from Tasmania, is one of the best spots on the continent.

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