Best time to travel to Banff & Jasper National Parks

Northern Lights

National parks are an ideal place to view aurora borealis

Northern Lights in Banff & Jasper National Parks 2020 - Best Time

© Adam Connah

Alberta is one of the best provinces of Canada to observe the northern lights. But if you get lucky enough to see the natural phenomenon in Banff National Park, it will be a truly magical experience. Impressive mountain ranges, perfectly still reflective lakes, and fresh snow is a beautiful setting for the nature's show.

Northern Lights over Lake Minnewanka 2020
Northern Lights over Lake Minnewanka
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It's possible to see the glow above the town of Banff, but it's always better if you move further from city lights. Lake Minnewanka, Castle Junction, and Peyto Lake have proven to be right spots to see aurora borealis near Banff.

Northern Lights over Japser 2020
Northern Lights over Japser
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Unfortunately, it's rather challenging to predict aurora borealis since it's related to the geomagnetic activity. Once outside of the city, the lights can appear any time from September through to April in Alberta. However, they shine their brightest from February through to April on the dark, clear nights.