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Skating on Lake Louise in Banff & Jasper National Parks

Visit one of the world’s most incredible skating rinks

Skating on Lake Louise
Skating on Lake Louise
Skating on Lake Louise
Skating on Lake Louise

Beautiful Lake Louise surrounded by the snowy Rocky Mountains and the massive Victoria Glacier is a dream skating rink. From mid-December to mid-April, it welcomes all skating enthusiasts. Enjoy the whole day outdoors in one of the most picturesque national parks in North America.

To make it even more spectacular, an amazing ice castle is built on the lake every year. The rink is cleared daily, so you don’t need to worry about snowfalls. Hockey enthusiasts will also find the perfect setting to play their favourite game.

Lake Louise offers a truly stunning surrounding and was named as one of the 10 most beautiful skating rinks in the world. Every winter, the Ice Magic Festival takes place here, giving you the opportunity to watch ice carvers create their masterpieces in person.

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When can visitors enjoy skating on the magnificent Lake Louise?

Visitors can enjoy skating on Lake Louise from mid-December to mid-April as the lake gets frozen and cleared daily. The Ice Magic Festival is also organized each winter at Lake Louise where one can watch ice sculptors create fantastic masterpieces. This makes it an excellent opportunity for skating enthusiasts to enjoy a beautiful skating experience. Show more

What is the location of Lake Louise, and which national park is it situated in?

Located in Alberta, Canada, specifically in Banff National Park, where it is around a two-hour drive from Calgary, Lake Louise is home to one of the most beautiful skating rinks globally. The skating rink itself is located on the lake and surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains and Victoria Glacier, that forms a spectacular backdrop. Show more

What is the unique feature of Lake Louise that makes it a beautiful skating location?

Lake Louise is one of the beautiful skating rinks in the world because of the spectacular scenery that surrounds it. The beautiful Rocky Mountains covered in snow, the Victoria Glacier as a backdrop, and the yearly construction of beautiful ice castles make skating on Lake Louise an experience like no other in the world. Show more

Are non-skaters catered for with any activities during winter at Lake Louise?

Yes, there are plenty of winter activities for non-skaters to enjoy during winter at Lake Louise, making it a popular winter destination. Snowshoeing, ice walking, appreciating the stunning scenery, and getting warmed up in the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise lobby with hot chocolate are popular activities that non-skaters can enjoy at Lake Louise. Show more

Is it possible for visitors to rent important skating gear like skates while at Lake Louise?

Visitors can rent equipment such as skates, ice cleats, hockey sticks, and helmets at Lake Louise. Pre-booking equipment is also advisable to ensure availability. Skating lessons are also offered on-site, making Lake Louise the ideal location for skaters of all skill levels to enjoy the rink and the beautiful surroundings. Show more

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