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Ice Skating

Every other outing in winter leads to a skating rink and Copenhagen also has a few nice places for this winter joy

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Nowadays ice rinks operate year-round in a range of shopping centres, and Copenhagen is not an exception. But these will never equal authentic outdoor ice rinks. As winter arrives in the city, several genuine rinks pop up here and there. Some winters are cold enough to freeze Peblinge Sø. The council defines whether it's appropriate to skate, and also indicates the skateable area. It's strongly recommended to avoid the ice patterns that look as if they were wet. Night skating is also not a good idea, as well as skating all alone.

Another good place for winter outing is Havnegade Opdateretare. It's located on the edge of the harbour, to be more precise some 3 meters away. It's not a flat surface, but actually a slope. For skilful skaters, it might be a new, truly breathtaking experience, whereas those less experienced will probably live through a rather nerve-racking adventure. It really requires much practice to take control over the blades while skating downhill right next to frigid waters.

There're a few more seasonal skating rinks, including Blågårds Plads surrounded with a range of cosy cafes, and also traditional Frederiksberg Runddel. And the most pleasant moment: all of those ice rinks are completely free if you have your own skates.

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