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Ice Skating in Mongolia

Have fun in any of the capital city's numerous ice rinks, or better on the frozen river

Ice Skating

Outdoor ice skating is a winter privilege and a great way to spend time and enjoy Mongolian winter. The capital city offers several beautiful ice rinks, but the most visited one lies in the heart of the city in Genghis Khan Square. If you prefer authentic ice skating, the frozen Tuul River is an ex​cellent choice. If you are a confident ice skater, join the 100-kilimeter skating race on the Lake Khövsgöl, usually taking place in March. Or you could even go for a few-day ice-skating adventure. This winter entertainment is available between mid-December and February.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Mongolia for ice skating on the frozen Tuul River?

From mid-December to February, Mongolia experiences temperatures below freezing point, making it the best time for ice skating on the frozen Tuul River. Skaters can enjoy a stable and solid ice surface during this period, making it perfect for outdoor activities. Show more

Where is the most visited ice skating rink located in Ulaanbaatar?

The center of Ulaanbaatar, Genghis Khan Square, is home to the most visited ice skating rink in the area. With easy public transport access, skating at this rink is a favorite winter pastime for citizens and tourists alike. Genghis Khan Square also boasts several other attractions, including the Government House and the National Museum of Mongolia. Show more

What other winter activities can be done in Mongolia?

In addition to ice skating, Mongolia offers several other winter activities to visitors, such as skiing, dog sledding, ice festivals, and visiting reindeer herders. Winter provides picturesque landscapes that offer a perfect backdrop for adventure and sport. Do not forget to indulge in fresh Mongolian winter treats and warm drinks during your visit. Show more

How long does the 100-kilometer skating race on Lake Khövsgöl usually take?

Skaters taking part in the 100-kilometer skate race on Lake Khövsgöl can complete it between 4 to 7 hours, depending on their skill level. This is a challenging but exhilarating event that attracts skaters from across the globe. Taking place in March, skaters can expect the ice to be thick enough to support them while the weather is milder. Show more

Are there rental facilities available for ice skates in Mongolia?

Ulaanbaatar offers ice skate rentals at affordable rates in some ice rinks. There are also hotels and tour operators that provide equipment rentals for those who plan to skate on the frozen Tuul River. Potential renters should check and confirm the availability and fees of rental facilities during their trip planning process. Show more

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