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New Year's Eve 2021-2022

Ring in New Year at Genghis Khan Square in Ulaanbaatar


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New Year's Eve is an excellent occasion to party in Mongolia! Like in most nations around the world, the Mongolians prefer to celebrate NYE with friends and family, while younger crowds tend to go to nightclubs and bars. At midnight, the Mongolians watch a speech by the President, which ends with a toast of milk from a traditional Mongolian silver cup. When the countdown starts, people open the champagne and greet each other, wishing Happy New Year!

Even though Mongolia is not a Christian country, decorating a fir tree for New Year is a beloved tradition. Many decorate their trees with money, which are usually shared among children in the house after New Year. Kids also expect presents for New Year from Father Frost, who was associated with New Year in the Soviet Union. He is still a popular holiday character in Mongolia.

As the clock nears midnight, thousands of people gather at the central Sükhbaatar Square (also called Genghis Khan Square) in Ulaanbaatar to ring in New Year together. The Ulaanbaatar Countdown event typically features a free concert, various performances, and spectacular fireworks. The pyrotechnic display is the main highlight of the celebration, awaited by children and adults alike.

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