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Ice Skating in Vancouver 2024-2025

Spend a nice winter evening having fun at the skating rink

Best time: December–February

Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of the most beloved winter activities in Canada. You can find several skating rinks throughout Vancouver and nearby. One of the most popular outdoor rinks is located at Robson Square. It annually gathers around 80,000 skaters. One more place for skating can be found on Grouse Mountain. At the top of the mountain, among snow-covered firs and hemlock trees, you’ll find a 743-square-metre skating pond. Helmets and skate rentals are available as well.

Vancouver offers both seasonal and year-round rinks, mostly the indoors ones. The outdoor rinks are usually open December through February.

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When is the ideal season for skating in Vancouver?

Vancouver's skating season is from December to February. Many outdoor skating rinks are open during this time to offer a unique and enjoyable skating experience. For an experience like no other, head to Grouse Mountain and take in the beauty of the winter scenery while skating on the 743-square-metre skating pond. Make the most of the winter season by ice skating in Vancouver! Show more

What are the notable outdoor skating rinks in Vancouver?

Robson Square is one of the most reputable outdoor skating rinks in Vancouver which accommodates 80,000 skaters yearly. One of the biggest outdoor skating ponds is Grouse Mountain, which offers a one-and-only ice skating experience surrounded by snow-covered trees. Skate rentals and helmets are available. Year-round indoor skating rinks and seasonal ones are also located in Vancouver. Show more

What is the skating pond size on Grouse Mountain?

The ice skating pond on Grouse Mountain is 743 square meters, making it one of the biggest outdoor skating rinks in Vancouver. Enveloped by snow-covered trees, it provides a breathtaking view of the city. Ice skating on Grouse Mountain is an enjoyable winter pursuit in Vancouver. Rentals and helmets are available to ensure everyone's safety while having fun! Show more

Are helmets and skate rentals offered in Vancouver's outdoor rinks?

Most outdoor ice skating rinks in Vancouver offer helmets and skate rentals. Robson Square has a rental shop that provides helmets and skates for a fee. Similarly, the pond at Grouse Mountain features rental services. Ensuring the safety of everyone involved in this enjoyable activity is crucial! Show more

Do year-round ice skating rinks exist in Vancouver?

Year-round ice skating rinks in Vancouver can either be indoor or outdoor, with the majority being indoor. One of the favorite rinks is Robson Square, accommodating visitors from late November to the end of February. Hillcrest Community Centre Ice Rink is another option as this operates throughout the year. Skating enthusiasts of all types can find a place in Vancouver! Show more

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