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Bald Eagle Count in Vancouver

Thousands of bald eagles can be observed near the lakesides. You can even volunteer and take part in the huge counting expedition

Best time: early January | 3rd weekend of November

Bald Eagle Count
Bald Eagle Count
Bald Eagle Count

Every year from December to February thousands of bald eagles come to Cheakamus Valley, near Brackendale, to feast on dead or dying salmon. The highest concentration of eagles runs from mid-December to mid-January. This is the time when their numbers are checked. On the first Sunday of the New Year lots of volunteers come to count eagles and watch for activity. The official winter home for the bald eagles is a small community of Brackendale. The best place to watch thousands of birds is at Eagle Run, this is a special viewing facility on the municipal dyke along Government Road.

A little closer to Vancouver is Boundary Bay Regional Park, which is also a good spot for watching these birds. This annual event draws lots of people from various countries to become volunteers and take part in counting. To become a volunteer you don't need any prior experience—just you own desire, warm clothes, and a pair of binoculars.

Besides the eagle count, you can attend some eagle and salmon related events such as the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival. It takes place on the third weekend of November in the town of Mission, B.C.

Practical info

When do bald eagles gather in large numbers in Cheakamus Valley?

Between mid-December and mid-January, thousands of bald eagles gather in Cheakamus Valley to feed on dead or dying salmon. People from several countries volunteer to help count the birds during this period. Show more

What is the location of the official winter home of bald eagles and the prime viewing spot in Vancouver?

The small community of Brackendale houses the official winter home of bald eagles, while the municipal dyke along Government Road has the Eagle Run, which is the prime viewing spot for watching thousands of bald eagles. Boundary Bay Regional Park is also a great location near Vancouver to witness these birds. Show more

What is the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival? When does it occur?

The Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival happens annually during the third weekend of November in Mission, B.C. Visitors can take part in events related to eagles and salmon, as well as explore the history and culture of the region and people like the Sto:lo. Show more

Are there any requirements to volunteer in the bald eagle count in Vancouver?

No experience or expertise is required to volunteer for the bald eagle counting expedition in Vancouver. Volunteers should bring warm clothes and binoculars and make their way to the official venue during the counting period to work with thousands of other volunteers in counting the birds. Show more

What other activities are available during the bald eagle count period, besides bird watching and volunteering?

Tourists in Vancouver during the bald eagle count period can enjoy several other activities, like skiing or snowshoeing in the beautiful snow-covered forests, fishing for different fish species including salmon, learning about Vancouver's diverse history and visiting famous sites like Stanley Park and Gastown. Show more

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