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One of the latest fruits of the year that will brighten up any dessert!

Best time: March–July


This fruit cannot boast the glossy beauty of an apple nor the juicy sweetness of a pear, though it is still absolutely delicious. Quince is one of the few fruits that cannot be eaten raw. It requires culinary processing to make jams or is added to meat dishes, put in pies, and it tastes great with cheese.

In Australia, quince is served in desserts, like pudding and ice cream. This fruit is used in the recipes of various baked products, especially apple pies, which give off a pinkish hue and, of course, a unique flavor.

Unripened quince is immediately suitable for use. Other varieties ripen a little later, gradually improving the taste, texture, color, and aroma. Choose a fruit that has a more yellow color. A green tinge means it might not be ripe yet. The color should be uniform, without stains and dents. The quality of the quince fruit can be determined by hardness, density, and smell. It should come with a pleasant aroma which signals that the fruit is ripe and ready for consumption.

The major quince harvest lasts from March to May, but in some areas of the continent season lasts until July or early August.

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