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Diving in Gordon's Bay

Discover a fantastic underwater world in the most stunning diving spot in Sydney


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Gordon’s Bay is a secluded oasis south of Clovelly Beach and north of Coogee Beach. You can only reach it via the Coastal Walkway, and parking is available at either Clovelly or Coogee Beach.

Walking along the path into the deep coulee, you will see how raised boardwalks protect the native fauna and a small area fed by a natural spring. Don't hesitate to stop at the beach and enjoy the charm of this coastal location. The beach is pocket-sized and is lined with racks of boats from the local fishing club, similar to a European fishing village. The bay is quiet, secluded, and is abundant in native flora. The dense vegetation provides shelter for many small lizards and birds.

The Gordons Bay Underwater Nature Trail is a self-guided scuba snorkelling or diving adventure. This nature trail is like a bushwalking track in the wilderness, only it is found underwater. It includes a series of steel plaques attached to concrete drums about 20 meters apart, brought together by a chain, with info about the local sea life. On a clear day, it is possible to snorkel the underwater trail from the surface, and it usually takes about 40 minutes to dive the 600-meter path.

Gordon’s Bay is positioned on the eastern side of False Bay, and from October to April, the southeasterly wind blows offshore. This causes the surface water to move along the coast towards the north, away from Gordon’s Bay. Then the water is compensated by an upwelling of deeper waters from outside of the bay. This "new" water is relatively cold and clear, thus, creates better conditions for snorkelling and diving.

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