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Sunrise or Sunset on Mount Sinai

The sensation of being on Mount Sinai as the sun appears in the morning sky or sets on the horizon in the evening is impossible to forget


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See the sun rise over the Sinai desert on an unbelievable trip to the place Moses received the 10 Commandments according to the Old Testament. Imagine what it was like so many thousands of years ago. It has been a place of religious pilgrimage for centuries. Catch the sunrise on Moses' Mountain by first climbing a rocky trail alongside Bedouin tribesmen and their camels. After reaching the summit, sit and wait for dawn’s rays to pierce the darkness and illuminate the jagged, lunar-like landscape as dawn illuminates the peaks.

On your way back, stop at St. Catherine's Monastery, perhaps the oldest monastery in the world dedicated to the early Christian Saint Catherine, who was tortured to death for her religious beliefs. You can choose to reach the mountain’s summit at either sunrise or sunset. This means beginning the climb at 2-3 pm or 2-3 am depending on the time of year. Be warned that in winter it can get mighty cold. The best time for tourists is April and May and September-November when nights are more warm and bearable.

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