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Turtle Town in Maui, Hawaii 2024

A beautiful snorkel location with friendly Hawaiian sea turtles and a variety of colorful tropical fish

Best time: May–September

Turtle Town in Maui
Turtle Town in Maui
Turtle Town in Maui

Turtle Town gives an opportunity to swim with and photograph one of the largest ocean turtles. These creatures often show curiosity and gently approach humans to get a closer look. Visitors can enjoy observing Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles in their natural habitat between the coral reefs and underwater caves also filled with rich marine life and colorful tropical fish. Turtle Town is located along the south coast of Maui between Nahuna Point and Black Sand Beach.

Practical info

When should tourists plan a trip to Turtle Town in Maui?

Tourists should plan their trip to Turtle Town in Maui between May to September when the water temperature is comfortable for swimming. During this period, visitors can enjoy snorkeling without disturbing the nesting season of the baby turtles, which usually takes place in June to August. Show more

What is the location of Turtle Town in Maui?

Turtle Town can be found on Maui's south coast, extending from Nahuna Point to Black Sand Beach. This area is easily accessible by car, bicycle or on foot. Visitors can park their vehicle near the intersection of Nahuna Place and Makena Road. After a short walk from there, access trails to Turtle Town can be found. Show more

Which types of fish are typically seen in Turtle Town?

In addition to the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, snorkelers can observe several species of colorful fishes such as pufferfish, parrotfish, butterflyfish, Moorish idols, and yellow tangs. Hawaiian octopuses, rays, and, on occasion, white-tipped reef sharks can be spotted. This location is teeming with marine life, offering a memorable underwater experience. Show more

What restrictions must be followed while swimming with turtles?

Marine patrol officials are present to ensure visitors follow the established guidelines while visiting Turtle Town. To avoid any harm or startle to turtles, visitors should avoid touching them, chasing them, feeding, or using flash photography while around them. To respect their habitat, visitors should also maintain a minimum distance of 10 feet from the turtles. Show more

Can tourists expect to rent snorkeling equipment or should they bring their own?

Tourists can either bring their own snorkeling gear or rent equipment from vendors located on the shore. The rental rates will depend on the duration and the gear needed. Before renting equipment, it is recommended to check the weather forecast and water conditions and bring sunscreen and a towel. Additionally, reef-safe sunscreen should be considered to protect marine life from harmful chemicals. Show more

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