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Turtles Laying Eggs in Bora Bora

Watch sea turtles gracefully make their way to their nesting ground to lay eggs

Best time: November–January

Turtles Laying Eggs

Crowds of sea turtles take a several-hour trip across the crystal clear sea, up the beach to their laying grounds to lay their eggs – this truly beautiful sight is one not to miss. While turtles generally breed all year round it is generally known that the best time to see them is November to January.

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When is the best time to see sea turtles lay eggs in Bora Bora?

Sea turtles breed all year round, but the peak nesting season in Bora Bora is from November to January. Witnessing these creatures make their way up the beach in large numbers to lay eggs is an awe-inspiring experience. Since sea turtles have evolved over millions of years, their nesting patterns are crucial to their survival, and tourists are encouraged to witness these moments without causing any harm to these magnificent creatures. Show more

Where on the beach can I witness sea turtles laying eggs in Bora Bora?

Sea turtles will typically choose the softest and more secluded parts of the beach to lay their eggs, usually behind large rocks or bushes. Although there are demarcated areas allowing turtles to lay their eggs comfortably and safely, tourists should avoid disturbing the nesting sites. It is advised that people keep a distance from the hatchlings and the nesting area to minimize the risk of harming the hatchlings and their surroundings. Show more

What can I do to ensure the safety of sea turtles during their nesting period in Bora Bora?

It's crucial not to interfere with the nesting sites or hatchlings during the nesting season. Tourists should refrain from disturbing the sand where the hatchlings are buried and avoid walking around the beaches at night with flashlights. It is recommended that people practice responsible litter disposal and avoid polluting the environment during their stay. Furthermore, sea turtle conservation efforts can be supported by financial donations and the refusal to purchase sea turtle souvenirs. Show more

How do sea turtles' nesting patterns differ across various parts of French Polynesia?

While the nesting patterns of sea turtles across various French Polynesian islands are similar, slight differences may occur depending on the location. Usually, nesting season takes place from November to February, and the hatching period is between January to April. Each island has its own rules and guidelines regarding visitors' interaction with the hatchlings and nesting sites, which should be followed to minimize harm to the turtles. Show more

What is the typical survival rate for sea turtle hatchlings in Bora Bora and how can I help protect them?

The survival rate for sea turtle hatchlings in Bora Bora is low, with only a small percentage surviving to adulthood. To minimize harm to these fascinating creatures, tourists are encouraged to contribute to various conservation efforts. Visitors should avoid buying sea turtle souvenirs, be mindful of not littering around the beaches, and keep a safe distance from the hatchlings and nesting areas. Financial donations to local conservation efforts can improve hatchlings' chances of survival. Show more

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