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Pearl Harbor Day 2021

The historical site of Pearl Harbor on Oahu Island​, where the US was attacked by Japanese forces in 1941, has a lot to offer visitors


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If you are interested in history and famous battles, you have to see the site of the Pearl Harbour Battle of 1941. Visit the Battleship Missouri and Bowfin Submarine to imagine what it was like to be aboard a World War II vessel. The Pacific Aviation Museum is also interesting for aviation fans. But if you want to make your Pearl Harbour experience even more special, plan your visit for December 7th, the commemoration day of the attack on Pearl Harbour. There are always some special events, like flag lowering and a dive to the remains of USS Arizona. With many WWII veterans and the family members of those killed in Pearl Harbour sharing their memories, the atmosphere in Pearl Harbour on that day is very solemn and​ special.

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