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Edmonton Airshow 2019

Entertainment spectacle showcasing rich history and the evolution of Canadian aviation


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The Edmonton Airshow takes place every August at The Villeneuve Airport, north west of Edmonton, about 20 km (66 ft) west of St. Albert. There, you can watch pilots do loops, spins, dives, and stalls. Their maneuvers will give you the chills! Monster trucks, dogfighting planes, and bombers can be seen in the skies of Villeneuve. Visitors can also observe dogfights between two Russian MiGs and an FJ-4 Fury, and a T-33 fighter jet. CC-130J Hercules releases 40 paratroopers from the 3rd Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. Some 20,000 people are drawn in by the exciting Edmonton Airshow every time it takes place.

Edmonton Airshow in Edmonton - Best Season 2020

Besides the aerobatics show, there will be plenty of entertainment: interactive displays, inflatables for kids, food truck village, beer garden, and freestyle FMX performances. The Edmonton Airshow also includes exotic cars and a motorcycle stunt show. Young guests will be definitely excited to get a ride in the Jurassic Attack monster truck from Lethbridge.

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Visitors can even experience The Edmonton Airshow from the air during a helicopter ride which lasts for 8-10 min.

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