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Boardwalk Ice On Whyte 2024

One of the world's best ice festivals with a giant slide and an international carving competition

Dates: January 16 - January 18

Boardwalk Ice On Whyte
Boardwalk Ice On Whyte
Boardwalk Ice On Whyte
Boardwalk Ice On Whyte
Ice sculpture at Boardwalk Ice On Whyte Festival
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Boardwalk Ice on Whyte is an annual outdoor winter event that takes place in the Old Strathcona community, in Edmonton. The event features up to 10 ice sculptures, an Ice Bar, DJ nights, food vendor, fire pits and offers ice carving lessons for kids and adults.

The major highlight of the event is, of course, the International Ice Carving Competition. For a duration of three days, ten teams of ice carvers compete head to head, creating some of the most dazzling art masterpieces that will surely leave you in awe. You'll be impressed just by seeing how the huge blocks of ice are transformed into art! The competition is held in a tent to control the temperature and preserve sculptures for longer. Come out on Opening Night to see the carvers in action and come back another day to see the final product.

Boardwalk Ice on Whyte offers a lot of fun for date night. You can try to create your own work of art by ice carving in a heated tent. When it gets dark, the festival grounds are illuminated with beautiful lights. Sit by the fire pit or visit the Ice Bar tent to enjoy a beverage to warm up.

In the past, the Boardwalk Ice On Whyte was nominated as one of the world’s 10 Best Ice Festivals by World Atlas. It is also in the top 10 of winter festivals in Canada. The Ice on Whyte Festival was initiated in 2003 by the Old Strathcona Business Association. It was supported by local artists interested in creating unique art from ice. The Ice on Whyte Festival Society also performs Boardwalk Sand on Whyte in Old Strathcona in Edmonton during the summer.

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