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Animethon 2024

Visit Canada's longest-running anime convention, held since 1994

Dates: August 9-11, 2024


Animethon is a Japanese anime-themed event held every summer in the city of Edmonton. It takes place at the Shaw Conference Centre. The festival features screening anime, voice actor guests, live music bands from North America and Japan, improvisation, games, costume contests, and much more. Some of the Japanese guests that attended during the past years included: DaizyStripper, An Cafe, FLOW, Kanon Wakeshima, and Ladybeard. Animethon is organized by the Alberta Society for Asian Popular Arts (ASAPA).

Animethon dates back to 1994 when it was started by the Banzai Anime Klub of Alberta to promote Japanese anime, which was then not so well-known to the broad public. It was a one-day event featuring Japanese Anime movies and television shows.

With each passing year, the convention has become more interactive with video-gaming, anime music video compilations, and more.

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