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Tucson Comic-Con 2023

One of the favorite comic conventions in the American Southwest

Tucson Comic-Con (TCC) brings pop culture to all at Tucson Convention Center in early September. The fun-packed program is dedicated to modern fandom, prevailing in Tucson, Arizona, as well as the entire American Southwest. So plan yourself an unforgettable family-friendly weekend with tens of thousands of geeks in rare costumes, countless vendor stands, comic authors, and celebrity guests.

Mike Olivares founded Tucson Comic-Con in 2008, and the first celebration gathered about 500 fans. But since then, the attendance has grown to thousands. When Brian and Francisca Pulido, the famed comic book creators, joined as the co-founders of the convention in 2015, the event drew 10,000 visitors. The organizers intend to grow TCC into a citywide event celebrating all things pop arts.

Opt for a weekend membership if you want to visit Tucson Comic-Con at the best value. Alternatively, you can also purchase a single-day pass. For the tickets and the latest announcements, please visit the official website. In case of additional questions, contact the organizers via their Facebook page. The links are provided in the External Resources below. Lastly, look at the map suggesting the best accommodations throughout Tucson and its suburbs.

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