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Tampa Bay Comic Convention 2023

A celebration of comic and pop arts for the whole family!

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The annual Tampa Bay Comic Convention gathers the fans of TV shows and films at Tampa Convention Center for a fun-filled weekend in late July. The main highlights of the celebration are a cosplay contest and panel programming. Still, the event also caters to versatile interests, covering comic books, Star Wars, Star Trek, games, magazines, anime, manga, and whatnot. In addition, this family-friendly affair features celebrity guests, autograph sessions, photo ops, and national vendors.

You can buy admission to Tampa Bay Comic Con on the festival's official website. The organizers provide affordable prices for adults and free access for kids. What's more, early birds get decent discounts, up to 25% off for all tickets, including VIP and Gold ones, with a bonus show T-shirt. The celebrity guest lineup and detailed schedule of events are also announced in the official sources. For any other questions, we encourage you to contact their Facebook page. Both the website and Facebook are listed in the External Resources below.

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