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BD Strip Festival 2024 in Brussels

Cartoons come to life on the streets of the city

Dates: September 6–8, 2024

Every year, fans and artists, publishers and buyers, the young and old gather in Brussels to take part in the BD Strip Festival (former Comic Strip Festival). The very name of the event reveals what it is dedicated to. And it is not surprising that such a festival occurs in Brussels, one of the world’s capitals of the comic strip culture. Whether you're a dedicated fan, a curious newcomer, or someone looking to explore the rich world of comics, the BD Strip Festival promises an engaging and memorable experience.

Exhibitions and Workshops

The BD Strip Festival features over 7,000 square meters of exhibits, showcasing the works of approximately fifty exhibitors. Visitors can expect a variety of activities, including talks and signing sessions with renowned artists. The festival also offers workshops, providing opportunities for attendees to learn about the art of comic creation from industry experts.

Family-Friendly Entertainment

For younger visitors, the festival promises a range of entertainment options. Special areas dedicated to children will feature games and interactive activities, ensuring that the festival is enjoyable for all ages. Additionally, there will be themed zones, such as the indie comics section and the popular international pavilion, which highlights global comic cultures.

Special Events

The festival’s highlight events include the Balloon's Day Parade and the Car Rally, both scheduled for Sunday. The Balloon's Day Parade features giant balloons of beloved comic characters like Tintin and the Smurfs, carried through the city center by volunteers. The Car Rally, also known as the Tintin Rally, sees vintage car owners driving approximately 62 miles (100 km), culminating at the Place des Palais in Brussels.

Tickets and Parking

One of the appealing aspects of the BD Strip Festival is that it is a free event, open to all. This accessibility ensures that everyone can enjoy the festival's offerings without worrying about ticket costs. For those driving to the festival, there are parking facilities available near the main venues at Gare Maritime and Tour & Taxis. The organizers recommend checking local traffic advisories and arriving early to secure parking.

Location and Infrastructure

The BD Strip Festival takes place at the Gare Maritime and Tour & Taxis sheds, both of which are well-connected by public transportation. These venues are equipped with necessary amenities to accommodate large crowds and provide a comfortable experience for all attendees. For those looking to explore beyond the festival, Brussels offers a wealth of attractions, including numerous murals depicting famous comic characters, which can be seen on guided walking or cycling tours available as part of the festival program.

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