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Veterans Day Parade 2021

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Armistice Day celebrations on November 11, 1919, broke the ice to a tradition to felicitate American nation's veterans. The event marked the end of World War I, and U.S. troops were warmly welcomed to be back home. The Celebration was renamed after World War II and got its modern entitling—Veterans Day, a day to remember and to honour veterans of American history.

Some people confuse Veterans Day with Memorial Day as both holidays honour people who served in the U.S. Army. Veterans Day is meant to celebrate living people who served in the military, and Memorial Day is honours those who died.

The Veterans Day Parade is one of the multiple events included in Veteran's Day celebrations with over 25,000 people participating in it. It takes place along Fifth Avenue starting at 26th Street and the marchers walk the 1.3-mile procession.

Veterans Day is considered a federal holiday, so schools and banks are closed. If the holiday falls on the weekend, most higher-mentioned institutions see the holiday on the Friday before or the Monday after the weekend.

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