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Kayaking and Canoeing in Hawaii

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Kayaking and Canoeing
Kayaking and Canoeing

It's easy to rent a canoe or kayak when you are in Hawaii. The best island for water sports is Kauai with its spectacular Na Pali coast, ​but Maui is also suitable for kayaking. These trips are most enjoyable in the summer when there is less wind and waves. If you decide to go kayaking or canoeing in the winter, be ready for some serious turbulence.

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What sets Kauai's Na Pali coast apart for kayaking and canoeing?

The scenic Na Pali coastline of Kauai offers stunning views of rugged cliffs, waterfalls and caves. Exploring hidden beaches and gems while on kayaks or canoes make the experience even more unique. The activity not only immerses visitors with the natural beauty of the spot but also allows them to access Hawaii's less-travelled areas surrounded by ocean waters. Show more

Where can kayaks or canoes be rented in Hawaii?

Several rental options for kayaking and canoeing are available in Hawaii. Wailua River State Park on Kauai's east side is a popular rental spot. On Maui, Kahului beach and Makena Landing are some places to rent watercraft. Most hotels and resorts on both islands also offer rentals to guests apart from these tourist spots. Show more

What is the best time to go kayaking or canoeing in Hawaii?

Beginning your kayaking or canoeing adventure early in the day, when trade winds are lightest, makes for the most enjoyable and safe experience. Additionally, clear skies and calm winds contribute to the appeal. Visitors who depart early can also avoid crowds which tend to increase later in the day as more tourists arrive at popular attractions. Show more

Which season is best for kayaking and canoeing in Hawaii?

The months spanning from April through October are the most suitable for kayaking and canoeing in Hawaii. This six-month window of optimal weather conditions is best for amateur paddlers without too much experience. The summer months, in particular, feature dry and warm weather conditions that are perfect for these activities. However, more experienced paddlers can experience rough conditions and unpredictable weather during winters. Show more

How can visitors prepare for kayaking or canoeing during peak tourist season in Hawaii?

During peak seasons, it's necessary to book watercraft rentals well in advance. Visitors should be aware of crowd and parking conditions and pack essential items such as sun protection, water, and snacks before leaving. Apart from appropriate gear for water sports, it's recommended that visitors book accommodation early for an optimal and affordable stay experience at Hawaii's coveted location for paddling sports. Show more

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